Slither your way through another large arena full of real snakes in online – a wonderful game like Nothing can resist a fan of snake games from trying this title! You will have a fresh experience and upgrade your surviving skill. Before you enter, simply choose your favorite snake at the main homepage of the game. Once everything is ready, you can roam the map to fill your stomach by eating a lot of glowing foods scattered everywhere on the island. As you eat more food, you will become a larger snake that is able to take on the tougher snakes directed by other real human opponents. Since you’re bigger now, you can move faster, but remember that your points will be decreased whenever you speed up. Just don’t do this much or you will lose all the points. Attempt to kill more snakes, survive and work your way to the top! Enjoy free!

How to play

Control the snake using the mouse, click anywhere to boost the speed of your snake.

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