Soldiers VS Zombies is an interesting MMO strategy game. It is free to play against multiple rivals throughout the world for the top spot. Further, it is about a battle between the undead and those who are living in town. When the challenge is activated, some characters will be chosen to be humans and the rest will take the role of corpses. The walking dead will have to hunt and spread the dangerous virus to as many persons as possible so these victims will be turned into their allies. Meanwhile, survivors must avoid them or hide behind something. Each room in Soldiers VS Zombies match can include 30 individuals at a time. Therefore, you will have the chance to look for friends easily. Go with them and help each other to create barricades which block the enemy from biting you. You can head into the shop to buy weapons or stuff to protect yourself.

How to play

Tap WASD keys to move, Right mouse to use items, G to drop, E to collect, O to open the soldiers’ shop

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