Play Tactics Core STBA game online is a tough shooting game featuring a wide range of warships and amazing features to explore. Before jumping into the battle, you can select your favorite warship, like a manta, a javelin, a roller or a silencer. Each ship is provided with unique weapons and stats. Also, you will be added to a team marked by color: blue and red. Both teams must fight one another to win the match. You have to move your warship around the arena hunting down enemies, killing them all, and attempting to deal damage to their base. As you fight, make sure your base is well protected. You will lose the game if your base gets destroyed. So, do whatever it takes to keep it safe during combat. Always stick with your teammates and support each other to beat your opponent team. Tactics Core unblocked is a free browser game that welcomes players from around the world to come and play. Give it a try now!

How to play

Move your warship using WASD, left click to shoot, and perform special skills using key 1.

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