Allyourbasebelongtous unblocked is a free io game with a unique title. The title itself spoke your goal, which is to capture all the bases and buildings of your rival team. So, are you ready for this territory fight? In Allyourbasebelongtous free online, you have to stick with a team and help your teammates capture as many rival bases as possible. Move through the map trying to kill them all using barracks and farms. Try not to let them get an upper hand on you because they might do something evil to stop you from taking over their belongings. You need to work together with your allies all the time and use good strategies to outwit all opponents. Never leave your base unprotected, or else it will be destroyed by the rival team. The goal here is to lead your team to the ultimate victory! Are you up to join this? Play it now in your browser!

How to play

Use WASD to move, the C key to open the commands menu, the B key to open the shop, the E key to clear the structures, the O key to open the gates, and the R key to toggle the unit production.

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