Futurefunk unblocked is one of the best zombie io games free for all! Playing zombies games is always fun, and if you are a fan of this io game genre, make sure you check out Futurefunk free online right now in your browser. The game is set in a huge arena where there is a player chosen as a starter zombie. The mission of the starter zombie is to move around the map spreading viruses to cause all humans to be infected. If you are a human, you must protect yourself from getting infected and work together with other humans to survive this contamination. Try to hide the zombies, barricade yourself and make use of any items you have bought from the store to deal with the zombies. If you get touched, you will become a zombie then go chase other humans too. The winning team will be the team that has the last member standing on the ground. Much fun with Futurefunk new io game!

How to play

Move your character with WASD, use the mouse to turn around, the left mouse to use items, key G to drop items, and key E to collect items.

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