is a Free For All game. It is available for you to pick out any playfield that you want. So, enter the favorite match and fight against zombies with enemies alone or work together with friends. The main aim is to wipe out opponents and monsters as soon as possible. will be set in a chaotic city after an apocalypse in which you have to hunt down your targets to rank up and dominate. Note that the undead will not run. However, they can walk rapidly. Try to reload regularly to prevent them before they approach and bite you! In, you can deploy the stealth ability to sneak around the area. Besides, you are able to hide in abandoned buildings to ambush somebody. Do not forget to look for supplies with weapons, armor, and gather upgrades quickly! They will be good equipment to defeat your antagonists and increase your survival chance. In addition, remember that each round will only last for a few minutes. Attempt to keep living and collect more deadheads than the rest to be the winner!

How to play

Use WASD keys to move, 1-4 to choose weapons, the mouse to aim, Left mouse to fire.

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