Incremental Epic Hero 2 3D is the second chapter following Incremental Epic Hero. Step into the fantasy world one more time and embark on completing new challenges!

It is an exciting idle game where you can face-to-face various dangerous creatures like spiders, foxes, and so on. You’d better level up yourself if you want to capture and win against all of these monsters quickly.

Not only that, you will have the chance to deal with plenty of difficult quests when you join Epic Hero 2. Besides, you should gather blue gems while traveling. Once you finish your task, you can unlock and discover newer areas.

In the beginning, you are able to select your favorite character. Afterward, it’s possible for you to upgrade your skills. Moreover, you can share them with other players and vice versa. Especially, it’s feasible to craft potions by using alchemy. Further, you should own enchantment scrolls to strengthen your tools.

Start to play Incremental Epic Hero 2 online for free and make use of every possibility that you have to gain upgrades and fulfill your story!

How to play

Choose and utilize everything in the game with your Left Mouse button.

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