LumberJack Simulator is a multiplayer simulator game in a browser and it’s totally free for all. You will become a woodcutter whose mission is to chop down as many trees as possible for gaining a huge amount of wood. When the health of the trees reaches 0, you can easily gather wood and other special materials. After earning a lot of wood, you can sell it to earn money, then use your money to purchase new axes. You will also get some XP from cutting down trees. During the course of the game, if somebody tries to steal your tree, you can partake in the combat. Make use of your axe to deal damage to the opponents and do whatever it takes to stop them from stealing trees. Don’t forget to earn some food and use them to heal your HP in the fight. The goal of LumberJack Simulator game is to become an expert woodcutter! Are you ready? Try it now!

How to play

Perform the movement using WASD. Click the left mouse to hit with your axe.

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