is a fun multiplayer game inspired by Splix style. Take control of a paper-like player and show your abilities to conquer the new enormous playfield as soon as possible. Along with the twist that you receive in the next unblocked match, you will have the chance to explore a different experience. The main aim that you are required to accomplish will focus on expanding your territory.

Before you achieve the goal or become the top winner in free online, you need to finish that job by occupying neighbors or unowned areas. When you roam around the location, you will create a trail which is helpful to capture places you aim. Watch out! It is vulnerable and your weakest point. So, it is essential for you to defend it from attacks of your foes. Otherwise, you will be forced to restart. However, you can apply the same top to remove someone.

How to play

Use Arrow or WASD keys to move the player

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