unblocked is a game like If you are truly into this kind of io game genre, why not give this one a try? It’s a free multiplayer game unblocked you can join in a browser. Like always, the gameplay is very easy and simple. You just simply swim around the arena capturing more spaces, then you quickly come back to your main base with those captured spaces in order to expand your base. You should attempt to claim as many spaces as possible within the boundary and most importantly, you have to defend your tail from other enemies. If you cannot protect your tail in time, when somebody hits it, the game will be over for you. When your chance comes, you can quickly hit the tail of other players then quickly wipe them out. Keep building your territory to the max and work your way up to the top spot on the leaderboard in multiplayer game.

How to play

Move your character around the map using the arrow keys or WASD.

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