Time to Escape From The Beast! Get yourself ready for this awesome multiplayer io game and see if you can destroy all of your enemies. Escape From The Beast unblocked is such a cool game online. At the start, you have to sprint forward the spikey impediments and attempt not to touch them while dodging the beasts. You must prepare some skills in advance to cope with rivals. After a few seconds, some will become evil beasts and they will start chasing humans. To sum up, if you are a human player, do whatever it takes to stay away from the beasts, and if you are a beast player, go chase all humans to defeat them. Whatever side you are on, you need to have some good skills to overcome the challenges and protect yourself. The goal here is to become the ultimate winner that rules the leaderboard. Play Escape From The Beast game online!

How to play

Navigate your character around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Use the left mouse to shoot.

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