You will have to conquer a tough gunfight in game, so take this chance to express your excellent shooting ability then see how many enemies you can kill. It’s all for your survival! You will pick a cool weapon before starting a battle. You will wander through the map having your gun ready to shoot down any enemies standing in your way. Watch out for your ammo count because you may run out of bullets anytime, and in that case, you must quickly reload your gun to continue killing others. Watch out for the areas you are exploring as well as prepare some strategies in advance. You cannot let enemies deal damage to you, otherwise, you will be destroyed, and the game will be over. Do your best to protect yourself all the time and remain alive so you can climb the rankings to become the winner in unblocked! Much fun!

How to play

Aim and shoot with the mouse, press R to reload, C to crouch, P to pause the game, keys 1-9 for switching weapons, T to open chat and Enter to send, and press the spacebar to jump.

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