Takemine.io is a massively multiplayer strategy game based on Moomoo.io style. Enter the new battleground and play against many opponents worldwide. Try to survive as long as possible and become the top player! After you accept to discover the challenge, you will have to move around a 2d map so you can collect resources. You are also given an axe. Use that tool to cut trees and mine rocks to gain wood and stone. They are useful materials that help you stay alive. Not only that, you can craft several modern items, weapons, and build houses with other structures. When you progress, you will level up and grow stronger. You are not the single person. There are a lot of enemies in the surroundings. Keep an eye on their moves to block them promptly! You should work together with a few friends and create a team. It is important for you to rank up and dominate.

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, LMB or Space to collect or attack, E to toggle auto attack.

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