Temple Run 2 is a video game with an endless running of a familiar character coming from the first Temple Run game. There are many different tracks waiting for you.

Not only that, you’ll be capable of checking locations with other Temple Run 2 characters, especially when you level up. So, you are joining an interesting challenge by yourself. And, you must escape from the monster to unlock the second stage.

Besides, if you enjoy Temple Run 2 APK or the present browser version, you have to choose the right time to perform your skills. In other words, you will fall off the track if you cannot jump over the hole, for example.

Aside from jumping, you shouldn’t forget to turn to the left or right and slide. Every ability will help you travel through areas if you know how and when to start them.

Temple Run 2 unblocked is a good adventure game. Discover new locations and get ready to complete levels as soon as you can! Remember to gather special abilities and make use of them to flee from the monster easily!

How to play

  • WASD or Arrows to jump over holes, turn to the left or right side, and slide
  • Spacebar to utilize boost.
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